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FINALLY! The Formula for healthy relationships that will last forever..friendship, marriage, family, or parental, the type doesn’t matter. I AM GUILTY OF SOME OF THESE.. I’m going to go on record say it is impossible for a relationship to fail if both people , not one or the other, but BOTH people actively engage in these 10 behaviors. DO YOUR PART, and give them the chance to do theirs.. Unhappy or fed up? Check the list, and check it twice… If either is unwilling to change their behavior for a better, more loving relationship it is only a matter of time…Thoughts? (at 24 Hour Fitness - Lake Creek, TX)

So T-Mobile doesn’t carry the S5 active… :-( but…. Apparently this phone not only outperforms the S5, but has a 20 megapixel camera with underwater music capabilities? Hmm mm may be getting this while I await the note 4!

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