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So when this imminent warning came through, I was in the security line at the airport…everyone’s phone going off at the same time with the same warning…it was kinda crazy and LOUD! However, as of right now…my flight is still on time 😀

Thank you big brother! Everyone please check out and like my brothers photography page! (search narratography) If you have time, Please read the words I wrote..let me known what you think! #inspiration #motivation #narratography #wordstoliveby

> “The only thing that is truly impossible, is moving into a space or place, that your mind cannot see”
> There are two world’s that exist simultaneously. World One, is comprised of boundaries that contain, restrict, and constrict. A boundary that only allows you to become a fraction of your full potential because of your circumstances. Another boundary  tells you that you can only succeed to a certain point, because that point, has never been surpassed by someone with your challenges. Yet another boundary forces a belief that there is a reduction in the quality of physical health and ability as we get older each year. 
>      World Two also has boundaries. Same word,  different perspective. The boundaries in this world merely seperate one area from another.  They seperate previous failures from future successes. They also mark the differences between where the charted territory stops,  and the uncharted begins.  However, the most important boundary in this world, is the one where the eyes fall short, the imagination thrives! In this world you can go anywhere, do anything, become anyone your imagination can create.
>    Both of these worlds simultaneously exist. It is your choice where you choose to exist. Don’t let anything or anyone hold you back.  The past, family history, or unfortunate circumstances will only be a factor if you are bound by the stagnant thinking of world one.  They cannot exist in world two where you create your own existence.

So it’s that time again… The time when I pick something to give up for 21 days.. I am not sure which of these to choose.. From a healthy perspective, which do you think would be more beneficial and why?

Focus is a powerful dynamic action that is never wasted or lost.  Set your focus on your goal as you would a compass.  Then, regardless of what storms or disadvantages may arise, you will eventually achieve it as long as you stay focused, press on, and don’t quit.  Beware and remember, focus is powerful .  If your focus is placed in the wrong direction, you will end up there as well.  Even if it is worse than your current position. 

"When we dedicate 100% of our focus towards our goal, it is amazing what we DON’T see. Snakes in the grass, wolves in the shadows, or previous failures. If we are to achieve anything, we must focus. " - Henry Johnson
#narratography #apjphotography #focus #inspiration #motivation

I’m getting soft in my old age… This face makes me want to stop eating beef! I’m sure the behind the scenes stuff would really make me want to quit! Don’t judge me… (at Utah State Capitol)

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